Finally, The Live Show!
Dad has spent some quality time preparing much of his back catalog of original tunes, as well as some favorite cover songs, for live solo performing. He's assembled an entertaining collection of quirky backing tracks to lay the musical foundation for his voice and guitar. Read more about the Dad's Noisy Basement Show here.

Dad's "real" band, The Aquatudes, has released a 12-song CD entitled "Unsafe at Any Speed!" The songs cover a range of instrumental styles from surf to hot rod to rockabilly, all delivered with the Aquatudes' trademark rambunctious style! The CD is available at all Aquatudes gigs and on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Get all the details at the Aquatudes site!

March 2011 - 45 Number Three - features the tracks Much More Than a Day, written by Dad and Cynthia Dodd (Mrs. Dad) back in the days of the Broken Hearts, and Traces of You, written by Dad more recently.

The August 2006 release is actually credited to the Aquatudes, Dad's new instrumental pursuit. The two songs are titled "Shim Jambs (Before Cutting Bands)," and "Bongo-Shmongo." They feature Dad on all the instruments, including drums. The tunes evoke the classic guitar instrumentals of the early 1960's, but with a 21st Century twist. Dad plays a number of his cool vintage guitars and amps to help get the authentic vibe. Since this time, the Aquatudes has become a reality and the band continues to this day.

The August 2005 release, titled 45 Number Two, includes "She's Too Much" and the instrumental, "Venture This." We later combined 45's One and Two into a 4-song release called Too Much (EP).

The August 2004 release, titled 45 Number One, features his first two recordings on the digital 8-track: "Back When I Thought It Didn't Matter" and "In a Pickle."

Dad released his first full-length album in 2002. It's titled "Dad's Noisy Basement," since that's where most of the recording took place. Some parts were also recorded in the living room, in the spare room, and in Dad's Suzuki Sidekick. The live drums for In Between were recorded in his friend John Kaukas' basement - John also helped (a lot) to create the electronic drum track for It's No Joke.

"Dad's Noisy Basement" has 13 tracks. All of the tunes were written by Dad except "In Between," which was written by Dad and Cynthia Dodd (aka Mrs. Dad). Instruments and vocals are by Dad. Selections were recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 414 from January 1997 through January 2002. Mixed, edited, and mastered digitally on a Power Macintosh using Sound Studio 1.5.3, D-SoundPRO 3.5.1, and sonicWORX® Artist Basic 1.0. Dad used a cool application called Virtual Drummer to create the drum parts on four of the tracks. Click HERE to learn more about Dad's gear.

Dad wants to thank his family for putting up with the equipment all over the house and all the noise from the basement.

Here's the track listing:
01. DNB Theme
02. Groovy Thing
03. Max’s Theme (Instrumental)
04. Do or Say
05. She Let Me Go
06. It’s No Joke
07. Fine Line
08. In Between
09. Blue Without a Clue
10. George’s Theme (Instrumental)
11. Stupid Questions
12. Bad Punch-Ins (On Purpose)
13. DNB Theme Reprise (Demo with Self-Indulgent Chatter)

All songs Copyright © 2002 Thomas J. Bittel, except In Between, which is Copyright © 2002 Tom Bittel and Cynthia Dodd.