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Tom Bittel singing

Tom Bittel - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Various other Instruments, Songwriting
Genres: Indie-Rock/Garage-Rock/Power-Pop/Lo-Fi/Surf Instrumentals
CD Releases: Dad’s Noisy Basement, 2002; Too Much (EP), 2005; The Aquatudes, Unsafe at Any Speed! 2012

Dad’s Noisy Basement (DNB) is the performing alias of Hartford, Connecticut area singer/songwriter Tom Bittel. “Dad” turns out catchy pop melodies with offbeat lyrics, along with twangy, surfy instrumental songs.

An avid collector of old LP’s and 45’s and even older 78s, Bittel draws on his wide variety of influences to create original pop tunes set to irresistible beats with memorable musical hooks. A multi-instrumentalist, he typically records his songs a layer at a time, performing all the interlocking parts himself.

The Dad’s Noisy Basement Show
Dad’s current solo performing mode utilizes a collection of self-recorded backing tracks of varying complexity, from simple rhythms to full-on vocal and instrumental arrangements, to just his voice and guitar. Depending on the venue, he may simply grab the guitar and busk alongside his old boombox, or perform plugged into a full professional PA system.

Dad’s repertoire includes selections from his sizeable catalog of original songs, as well as rock, pop, Hawaiian, swingy, and rootsy tunes of many stripes, culled from his vast collection of records. He has performed multiple times at The Dirt Salon in Hartford, both solo and with other Hartford-area musicians.

The Broken Hearts, Want One?Previous and Present Bands
Past band involvements include The Broken Hearts, a Hartford pop-rock band of the mid-1980’s, in which Bittel played lead guitar as well as contributing vocals and songwriting. The Broken Hearts’ sole LP “Want One?” (1985), includes three Bittel compositions and is currently available on CD and digital downloads from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and other sources.

Dad spent a number of years with a group called See Jane Run. Joining fellow songwriter and guitarist Mark Gaulke, bass player John Kaukas, and (original) drummer Peter Rustin, the band turned out two CDs of original rock.

The AquatudesDad’s current band, The Aquatudes, plays in the surf-rock genre and has released a CD titled “Unsafe at Any Speed!” (2012), containing 12 Bittel-penned instrumental compositions and is also available on CD and digital downloads from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and other sources. The Aquatudes typically play about twelve gigs per year at clubs, festivals, fairs, and benefit events.